We Welcome Izaac To Team Nexus! Here’s What He Has To Say…


Good morning, good afternoon or good evening folks and folkets. Tis I – zaac. Some of you may know me as a spy rabbit (xbox live) and some of you may know me as captainzac (my handle on star trek online). I am the latest edition to Jacks merry band of bloggers and this is my first post. I figured I’d start with some star trek online but I’ll hopefully be expanding into reviews and gaming news.

Some of you may have seen the image Jack posted on the nexus of our two ships meeting in orbit around Risa the eagle eyed amongst you would have noticed that my ship was from the mirror universe that’s because I like to play as a member of the Terran Empire. Technically you can’t actually play as member of the Terran empire but you can get pretty close, with costume packs only costing about £5 pounds each, ships for only a few hundred thousand energy credits and foundry missions for free!

Mirror universe foundry missions offer a great peak at what could have been if humans had never out grown their violent tendencies one great example is the holodeck where the Federation sees an opportunity for art and relaxation the Terran Empire sees a weapon of war.

If you’re interested then check out the foundry missions: “the pirate Picard” and the “mirror wars saga”

Well that’s all for now see you soon(ish) on another Thrilling no wait, mildly interesting blog from captainzac.


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